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Balita Pinoy Launches Its News Agency To Cater For Citizen Journalists

Balita Pinoy?is?launching its news agency, which is essentially for?'Citizen Journalism' - the news service?where?you tell the stories.?Send us?your news stories, images and video.

Balita Pinoy News Agency (BPNA)?will take stories, photos and videos from contributors and try to resell them to other agencies and news services and newspapers, splitting the fees 50:50.

There are many times every minute of every day when something happens and news reporters from the major agencies are not there on the scene to record it. Or in fact the big boys may be there but miss something newsworthy while you get it recorded on your camera or phone/video.

Nearly everyone now has a cellphone with a camera/video facility in it. Put it to use.

You may also have a story of your own local community or group you wish to get more exposure, send it to BPNA to get it aired.

This type of freedom of speech gives the man or woman on the street a voice and a platform.

Whether they're in Albay or Zamboanga, or for OFW's, in Alaska or Zimbabwe. Anyone, anywhere may contribute.

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Philippines Getting Concerned Over China's Spratly Attitude


The Philippine government says it has conveyed "serious concerns" to the Chinese embassy about reports that Chinese ships unloaded building materials and put up military posts on reefs claimed by Manila in the South China Sea.

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Leaked Report Exposes $120-B Corruption Black Hole in China


A leaked report analysed by, amongst others, The Times and The Australian reveals that more than 10,000 corrupt Chinese officials collectively took $120 billion out of the country in ?a 15-year spree of embezzlement, bribes and defections.'