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About Stratfor?

STRATFOR's global team of intelligence professionals provides an audience of decision-makers and sophisticated news consumers in the U.S. and around the world with unique insights into political, economic, and military developments. The company uses human intelligence and other sources combined with powerful analysis based on geopolitics to produce penetrating explanations of world events. This independent, non-ideological content enables users not only to better understand international events, but also to reduce risks and identify opportunities in every region of the globe.

The company delivers content daily on its Web site, in videos, e-mails and books, and an iPhone app.

STRATFOR delivers critical intelligence and perspective through:
  • Situation Reports: Snapshots of global breaking news
  • Analysis: Daily reports that assess key world events and their significance
  • Quarterly & Annual Forecasts: Rigorous predictions of what will happen next
  • Multimedia: Engaging videos and information-rich interactive maps
  • Intelligence Guidance: Internal memos that guide STRATFOR staff in their intelligence-gathering operations in the immediate days ahead
For more on the various types of content STRATFOR produces, see our content guide.

STRATFOR's chief executive officer, Dr. George Friedman, is a widely recognized international affairs expert and author of numerous books, including two New York Times bestsellers-The Next Decade (Doubleday, 2011) and The Next 100 Years (Doubleday, 2009)-as well as America's Secret War (Doubleday, 2005), and The Future of War (Crown, 1996).

STRATFOR members include individuals, FORTUNE 100 corporations, government agencies and other organizations around the world.

Personal Safety In Riot Situations

11 August 2011


Stratfor's Vice President of Tactical Intelligence Scott Stewart discusses personal safety during mob violence situations while using the recent London riots as an example

Stratfor is a US based security company, the advice is from an American perspective, but is applicable to all (with video)


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The Kaspersky Kidnapping - Lessons Learned

28 April 2011

The lessons learned in the kidnap & successful rescue of the son of Internet Security giant Eugene Kaspersky has?meaning for all those fearful of becoming kidnappers targets, including those in the Philippines?

?By Scott Stewart

On April 24 officers from?an anti-kidnapping unit rescued 20-year-old Ivan Kaspersky. Kaspersky, the son of computer software services billionaire Eugene Kaspersky (founder of Kaspersky Lab), was kidnapped on April 19 as he was walking to work from his apartment.

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