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Balita Pinoy Launches Its News Agency To Cater For Citizen Journalists

Balita Pinoy?is?launching its news agency, which is essentially for?'Citizen Journalism' - the news service?where?you tell the stories.?Send us?your news stories, images and video.

Balita Pinoy News Agency (BPNA)?will take stories, photos and videos from contributors and try to resell them to other agencies and news services and newspapers, splitting the fees 50:50.

There are many times every minute of every day when something happens and news reporters from the major agencies are not there on the scene to record it. Or in fact the big boys may be there but miss something newsworthy while you get it recorded on your camera or phone/video.

Nearly everyone now has a cellphone with a camera/video facility in it. Put it to use.

You may also have a story of your own local community or group you wish to get more exposure, send it to BPNA to get it aired.

This type of freedom of speech gives the man or woman on the street a voice and a platform.

Whether they're in Albay or Zamboanga, or for OFW's, in Alaska or Zimbabwe. Anyone, anywhere may contribute.

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Philippine prisons are notoriously overcrowded, with inmates waiting years for their cases to come to trial, unless they can bribe their way out

Three videos making a programme by an organization based in Manila give a cautionary tale to those living in or thinking of living in the Philippines, including investing.

A group known as Foreign Assistance Center Philippines (FAC)?has been set up to assist those who have fallen foul of spurious or illegal arrests in the country.

Several cases have come to light where foreigners living in or working in the Philippines have been subject to arbitrary arrest, and offered quick release if they pay over a hefty bribe. In all the cases listed in the following videos, it is clear that no crimes were committed by the accused, and that the arrests were clearly false.