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10 June 2010


A 230mph (375kph) supercar is being given away free of charge.

Is there a catch?, well only six of them, as that is all the number of? cars being built by Strand Craft, a Swedish design bureau. Buy a yacht, the car comes free.

The SC 122 is extravagant to say the least at $25-M each. There is no price tag on the car as that comes free with the yacht. There is also no name for the car either. But as there are only six being built, the owners can call them what they want.?

To see the yacht and the car, just click to enlarge?

Satisfying the new demands expressed by the market and, above all, suprise them. This is the motto adopted by Strand Craft?to break into the mega market.

Strand Craft have already proved their worth in the design stakes with Aston Martin and Saab designs?among other prestigious projects, the 122 is their most expansive, and expansive, in-house project and has already got them noticed far away from the cloistered world of top level design.

They?are preparing to launch the extravagant 122, a high performance streamlined 38 metre Open super yacht, with an amazing Art Deco interior that can be greatly personalized. Interior includes four double and very large staterooms, heads, reception and salon areas and of course comfortable crew cabins. There are 52" LED TV?s and Bang & Olufsen sounds systems in all rooms.

The most stunning feature on this yacht is a special handcrafted supercar powered by a 880hp twin turbo V12 engine with top speed of 375kmh?which is?housed in in the stern garage, yes really, the yacht carries the car in its own garage. So no worries about parking then.?That even beats the Bugatti.

With a total of over 14.000 horsepower this amazing yacht breaks speeds over 50 knots.

If you want one of these cars, you have to buy the boat. If you haven't got $25-M in small change, don't bother phoning, just dream.

However the design bureau state?five are virtually sold, so only one appears to be available.

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chuck in st paul said...

So tell me, just where is it exactly that you are going drive at 300+mph?? While it is a nice looking car and all, other than a race track I can't think of many places to go over 90mph. I think this is just a temptation to go to jail. But... you'll go in style.

Posted 13 June 2010 10:45 | Reply to this comment

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