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CCTV Footage Captures Moment Cop Was Murdered In Mati City

June 29, 2011

CCTV captures rebel attack in Southern Philippines

Updated with a second video?

By Ben O. Tesiorna, Correspondent
MATI CITY, Philippines -- A close circuit television camera captured an attack of the New People's Army rebels at a lone policeman posted at a bus terminal in this city in the evening of June 7, 2011.

The CCTV showed how the six rebels ganged up on?Police Officer 3 Alfredo Salva who was at the outpost around 7:40 in the evening of June 7. Six rebels armed with handguns approached and shot him.

The victim however returned fire using his M16 rifle hitting the two assailants. PO3 Salva sustained shots in his body causing his death. Ramil Sallenes alias Bunso from Front Committee 18 also died from the wounds he sustained.

The wounded suspect was meanwhile identified as Ariel Manuray alias Commander Gary. Commander Gary is now recuperating at a hospital in Davao City.

This second video below shows the attack from a different angle, although lower quality than the first video, it gives an added perspective to the incident

from on .

Mayor Rabat thanked Davao City Vice Mayor Rodrigo Duterte for advising her to place CCTV in public areas.?

Mayor Rabat earlier revealed that their coastal city was supposed to be a safe sanctuary for New People?s Army rebels who wanted to take rest and recreation. But the rebels violated the sanctuary agreement after they attacked and killed a policeman inside the bus terminal few weeks ago.


Mati City Mayor Michelle Rabat said that her father, the late mayor Francisco Rabat, had an understanding with the rebels to spare Mati from rebel atrocities and they could safely stay in Mati in return.


The lady mayor said she just continued that understanding with rebels upon her assumption four years ago. Mayor Rabat said the police and military knows this and respected the understanding.


Mayor Michelle Rabat earlier dismissed fears of residents that the New People?s Army are planning to attack this city. Rabat clarified that the rebel attack happened at a police outpost in the public terminal located just beside the public market. She said the rebels were after the firearm of the policeman.


Davao City Vice Mayor Rodrigo Duterte meanwhile supported the move made by Mayor Rabat to make Mati a sanctuary for all rebels and policemen and military alike where they could safely stay without fear of being killed by either parties.


In an interview Tuesday, Duterte said he and Mayor Rabat?s father, the late Mati mayor Francisco ?Paking? Rabat , have similarities when it comes to dealing with the communist rebels.


?I have the same style as that of Rabat's father. We establish working relationship that will promote peace in the community. If there?s a good relationship, it?s good,? Duterte said.


The vice mayor said declaring a sanctuary is okay for as long as both armed parties do not violate any laws while staying inside the sanctuary.


Duterte said he has been employing same policy here in Davao City for a very long time now thus Davao enjoys relatively peaceful environment that?s conducive to development and progress. BOT

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asdaseqw said...

Buti naman at nakatabla ang police, sana budy-buddy system. Kawawa naman ang pulis isa lang. Pinoy, sana bigyan mo naman ng karangalan ang police at financial ang pamilya.

Posted June 30, 2011 16:23 | Reply to this comment

Ryan replied to asdaseqw...

^ I agree.

Posted July 6, 2011 05:35 | Reply to this comment

edwin replied to asdaseqw...

agree din ako. na awa talaga ako sa police.

Posted July 14, 2011 09:16 | Reply to this comment

dinga said...

di ba treason yan binibigyan mo ng safe haven ang mga rebelde? Kalaban ng gobyerno ng pilipinas yan tapos makikipag agreement ka ng safe haven para sa kanila para lang ma-spare ang lugar nyo. Paano kung lahat ng lugar ay magdeclare na safe haven sila ng NPA? Eh di buong pilipinas na safe haven. Dapat siguro kasuhan ng treason yang mga govt officials na pumapasok sa agreement na ganyan.

Posted July 14, 2011 09:40 | Reply to this comment

dabawenyo said...

@dinga...ganyan talaga sa davao region...lahat ng sector ng lipunan, makakanan o makakaliwa man ay binibigyan ng pantay na pagtrato, para maging maayos ang davao ka lang makakakita ng NPA, MILF, AFP, PNP, CAFGU, at civilian na nagtatagpo sa iisang lugar na di nag-uupakan...ika nga, keeping friends close and enemies closer...pero syempre, nobody is perfect kaya may lumalabag din, tulad nitong 6 na kupal NPA na to...

Posted July 27, 2011 11:45 | Reply to this comment

kagiwa said...

puking inang mga rebeldeng NPA yan dapat diyan binabaon ng buhay sa lupa.. kill them all.. crossfire rocksBIGYAN NG KARANGALAN YNG PULIS NAYAN

Posted July 31, 2011 10:27 | Reply to this comment

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