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EXPOSED: Dentist/Recruiter Ressie Reyes Macaraeg Is Just A Nurse

13 August 2011

The scandal surrounding "Dr" Ressie Reyes Macaraeg, the Filipino dentist in London's Harley Street?is growing hour by hour as it unfolds.

The good dentist is not what she seems, as a check with the regulatory body for dental professionals in the UK, the General Dental Council (GDC), reveals.

It has also come to light that Macaraeg's family apparently own and control a resort and hotel complex?in Pangasinan.

Then there is the revelation of the "feeder" to Macaraeg's recruitment business, care worker Gladys Canal, who has been implicated by many of the victims as being the one who introduced them to the good "dentist of Harley Street".

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Recruiting partnership - left Gladys Canal right Ressie Reyes Macaraeg

Besides several victims coming forward in the UK, it transpires many of them are now in the Philippines, having been removed from Britain by the UK Borders Agency (UKBA) after tip-offs that they [the victims] were now overstayers on their visas. This after the victims had paid Macaraeg ?4,000 each to get their visas either changed or renewed.

Macaraeg is in fact a dental nurse, not as she has claimed and declared a dentist as the copy of the registration details with the General Dental Council (GDC) shows:,

Ressie MacAraeg?
Ocean Implants and Cosmetics Dentistry
127 Harley Street
United Kingdom?

Reg. no 112287?
Reg. date 15 June 2007?
Qualifications: Verified competency in Dental Nursing ?
Titles: Dental Nurse
Status: Registered
Registrant type: Dental Care Professional

The GDC registers all dental workers in the UK, from dentists to nurses.

In an interview with Balita Pinoy three weeks ago, when specifically asked if she was a dentist or?a recruiter she said both. She went onto state that she started her practice at 127 Harley Street in 2006. We hold the recording of the interview.

She has also declared to Northampton County Court that she is a dentist.?

It also appears there is a family connection with a hotel resort complex in Pangasinan, the "Treasures of Bolinao Beach?Resort".

Photos of Treasures of Bolinao Beach Resort, Bolinao
This photo of Treasures of Bolinao Beach Resort is courtesy of TripAdvisor - most of the reviews of this complex made in Trip Advisor are less than flattering - click the blue link to access

Several informants have stated that this belongs to Ressie Reyes Macaraeg, although others have stated that the family and/or father are actually the beneficial owners.

As this screenshot taken from the Treasures of Bolinao Resort website shows, a new luxury?development there was only completed earlier this year.

There is also the involvement of a care worker, Gladys Canal, who has been implicated in many of the victims' stories. She is alleged to have been the main "feeder" to Reyes Macaraeg.

Being seen at social functions where Filipinos congregate, she has befriended many with the explanation she knows someone who can help with their visas, especially those who wish to change from Tier 4 (student status) to Tier 2 (work permit of a shortage occupation).

This has been the main bone of contention in that the applications, when they have been made, seem to have been just before the visas (Tier 4) have been due to expire.

They [the applicants] were promised there would be an employer to take them on. This would be necessary as a?vital document to support the application would be needed, a Certificate of Sponsorship (COS). The COS would be issued by a company with a?trusted employer, one who is registered with UKBA.

We have found no evidence yet of any applications being made with such a COS. Also, the fact that the applications have been made just before the applicants visas have been due to expire decreases the chances of success, leading to a high number of refusals.

In some cases, applications were made after the visas expired, or not at all. This is after about??4,000 has been paid to Macareag and Canal per applicant.

There are also grave indications that after the applicants have had their applications refused, the UKBA have had anonymous tip-offs leading to raids on the applicants addresses where UKBA personnel have discovered victims with expired visas.

Several of these have since been removed from the UK to the Philippines. Others are now on reporting restrictions while they have their appeals heard.

Mrs Macaraeg told Balita Pinoy in the interview in her premises in Harley St that all documents were with her solicitor, and that all dealings were being handled by him. She did not give us his details although she promised copies of relevant documents would be forwarded to us regarding applications for visas. This never happened.

We did however track down her lawyer and speak to him in a telephone conversation. He stated that for the obvious reasons of client confidentiality and the Data Protection Act, he would be unable to discuss specifics, but could talk in generalities.

He did confirm he had acted for Reyes Macaraeg?on an ad hoc basis in the past, although he was not retained by her.

He also added that for him to act for a third party client (an applicant for a Tier 4 to Tier 2 visa change), he would need to physically meet with that client notwithstanding that Macaraeg was the introducer. The only exception to that rule would be if the client was in detention. He stated that he had never handled such an application.

The lawyer we spoke to, who works for a law firm in Grays Inn is actually a barrister, not a solicitor.

None of the?victims who have so far come forward have yet stated they ever met a lawyer. Several who have been interviewed by Balita Pinoy have in fact stated that they never met a lawyer.

This is important as giving visa/immigration advice is illegal in the UK unless the person giving the advice is either a registered immigration advisor or a lawyer. Macaraeg is neither of these.

There is also another facet to this case in that under British employment regulations, it is illegal for an agent to charge the applicant for an introduction for a position. The agent must only be paid by the employer.

Also, the forms that Macaraeg signed from Northampton County Court all have a declaration on them, that the information provided is true and correct. Signing that declaration when stating in the form that her employment status was that of a dentist was clearly incorrect.

"Dr" Ressie Reyes Macaraeg with the prestigious dental practise in the heart of London's medical fraternity of Harley Street is a fraud, as is her recruitment company along with her business ethics. The victims, for that is what they are, trusted her specifically because they thought she was a professional person, a dentist.

Not only that, a dentist with a practise in the world famous medical district of London's Harley Street.

It has been said by some that the victims are "stupid", and "uneducated Filipinos" who all deserve to be deported back to the Philippines. They are none of these things. The trust they put in Macaraeg was the one that most normal people would exhibit.

If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck; it is expected it is a duck.

The title dentist, with a surgery in? that area, would make most people assume the person is a dentist.

In the case of Macaraeg, the victims found it was not really a duck, more of a vulture.

[The Original Breaking Story - Filipino Dentist In London's Harley Street Sued Over Work Permits]

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chessington said...

I hope this will be the first of few more things to come to bring to the downfall of "Dr" (ay dental nurse pala) RESSIE MACARAEG. What she has done is a blatant disregard to the good laws of the society and the public at large. Although she's a naturalised British citizen, because of the severity of her wrongdoings, she should be stripped of her British citizenship and deported back to the Philippines.

Posted 13 August 2011 18:18 | Reply to this comment

chessington said...

@Balita Pinoy Thank you for bringing to the public this fraudster RESSIE MACARAEG (dental nurse and not a dentist as she professionally claimed) Balita Pinoy has hit the nail on the head when it wrote the last 6 paragraphs of the article above. Above all, Balita Pinoy's single-word description of RESSIE MACARAEG and GLADYS CANAL are more than apt--them being described as VULTURES. Priceless.

Posted 13 August 2011 18:55 | Reply to this comment

Agnes said...

To Balita Pinoy...thank you for bringing to light this expose about this scum bag Ressie Reyes Macaraeg...and for the attention of this lowlife Ressie could you stomach to live in such luxury ( owner of Treasures of Bolinao!) yet you have bled the students dry of their money! Shame on you and your associates...You have no right to stay in this country as you have used this as a clout to prowl on people in our British society...rot and decay in the hellhole where you rightly belong...

Posted 14 August 2011 01:57 | Reply to this comment

Monique said...

@ Balitang Pinoy... THANK YOU SO MUCH and WELL DONE for bringing this issue once again about fraudster RESSIE REYES MACARAEG and company.She should be put in jail soon and no bail out!!!if not give back our money and documents.Both of you RESSIE and GLADYS don't believe about fraud????NOW FACE US and DO NOT HIDE!

Posted 14 August 2011 11:25 | Reply to this comment

victim2011 said...

Tgnan nyo nmn ang gganda ng ngiti.. mukhang pnghandaan na bka mpunta sa front page..hahaha! tma yan pra sa pictre n lng kau mksmile ngaun! dpat isama n rin c LOVE CALAMBA my pictre kmi nung nagclecleaning sya dhil wla daw ang amo.. oh dba bengga! isa isahin n ntin cla! mga MANLOLOKO!

Posted 14 August 2011 13:32 | Reply to this comment

victim 3 said...

isama narin natin c GLORY MAE GALARRITA at MELANIE CAMPOS( mga walang modo) e upload ko kaya ang video na meron kami.

Posted 14 August 2011 15:40 | Reply to this comment

Agnes said...

Dear Fraudster Ressie Macaraeg... just want to inform you that you are now a global phenomenon and in the spotlight of all the embassies, professionals & industries around the world...being the Philippines/UK CHARLATAN... To all the victimized students...check out EIN Global News...the pen is mightier than the sword sabi nga ng ating national hero na si Jose Rizal... Thank you so much EIN News... I am hoping for more limelight attention for our famous fraudster in London before she becomes a bane of someone's life...

Posted 14 August 2011 17:33 | Reply to this comment

Victim 2011 said...

Isa rin akong biktima. Napaka salbahi nitong c Doctora Ressie Reyes. Nagtiwala ako now mag iisang taon na akong naghihintay wla pa ring progress ang application ko. Dami nyang pangako galing mambola. Sa lahat ng mga biktima katulad ko sana pag usapan natin kng anung hakbang ang dapat gawin natin.

Posted 14 August 2011 23:48 | Reply to this comment

victim 2010 said...

To fake dentist Ressie Reyes. Shame on you. You have the nerve of declaring yourself to be a dentist when in fact you're not. You victimized my daughter and my brother, you cleaned their teeth and even advised one of them to have the wisdom tooth removed. How on earth did you do this when in reality you are not licensed as such. You took advantage of vulnerable Filipinos. I felt sick reading the articles about you and your accomplice in crime. Well done for setting a bad example to your children. I would urge anyone else victimized by her to come forward. To Balitang Pinoy, many thanks for exposing this and please continue with your investigations in order that justice will be served.

Posted 18 August 2011 14:18 | Reply to this comment

anonymous101 said...

Isa akong applicant ni "Dr" ressie, 5 months na akong nag-aantay, sabi nya meron na raw akong employer. Yung sinasabi nilang gold care, matagal daw ang pagrelease ng COS. Kaya hinanapan ako ng employer para mabilis na mgkakuha ako ng COS. Sana totoo yung mga sinasabi nila na for interview na ako sa employer in 2 wks time.

Posted 18 August 2011 15:31 | Reply to this comment

chessington replied to victim 2010...

@victim2010: If you feel you have been duped/niloko ni "Dr" Ressie Macaraeg, I urge you to go to UK General Dental Council website and file/lodge a complaint. Para naman marecord ang kanyang panloloko. Also tell other people you know who have been duped to do the same.

Posted 18 August 2011 15:53 | Reply to this comment

anonymous101 replied to chessington...

@chessington: totoo b talaga ang mga balitang yan na mga manloloko sina "dra" ressie at gladys? Tuloy pa rin ang operation ng agency nila. I've just been there last wed. Nagbiometrics ako nung march pa. Nag-aalala na din kasi ako sa mga balitang yan, bka pti ako maloloko rin nila. At isa pa, wala na akong visa. Sana nga totoo na yung mga sinasabi nila ng for interview na ako sa employer ko in 2 weeks time.

Posted 18 August 2011 18:04 | Reply to this comment

confused8600 said...

salamat sa gumawa ng balita na to. Keep this case running. Dapat cya makulong at masira din buhay nya. She deserves all these.. Pls keep us all updated sa case.

Posted 19 August 2011 07:16 | Reply to this comment

alquen2002 said...

anyone can help me isa rin ako victim nya plss give some advice anu gawin ko i paid 4000GB last april 2011.

Posted 27 August 2011 01:23 | Reply to this comment

chessington replied to alquen2002...

@alquen2002...imail mo to report to them about your complaint and they will get in touch with you.Sige at sana mabigyan tayo ng katarungan.

Posted 29 August 2011 14:29 | Reply to this comment

virgo 1984 said...

To FAKE dentist RESSIE REYES..YOUre a STUPID and UNEDUCATED..its true..she walks like a duck..ay PRICELESS VULTURE pala..SHE should be stripped of her british citizen and deported back to the Philippines or be put in jail and NO BAIL out!!!!ang gaganda ng mga ngiti,kahit madilim naka sunglasses yun pala may tinatago..NOW face US ressie...AMIN ang huling halakhak...THANKS to balitang pinoy..hoping for more limelight.

Posted 5 September 2011 06:35 | Reply to this comment

anonymous14 said...

kilala nyo ba si Alicia Verceles, asawa ni Jay Verceles? marami ring nalokong mga Pilipino ang mga ito. Buaya rin ang mga ito dito sa London.

Posted 10 September 2011 13:51 | Reply to this comment

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