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Fake Harley Street "Dentist's" Document Trail Revealed

16 August 2011

Documents obtained by Balita Pinoy show the level of deception used by Ressie Reyes Macaraeg, the now?exposed "dentist" of Harley Street.

After our earlier revelations, victims of Macaraeg have been in contact with details of what Macaraeg promised in the way of visas.

One in particular paid over ?4,000 to Macaraeg. The relevant documentation shown here explains the timeline as well as exposing anomalies.

The victim in this case paid in two tranches ?4,200, but by April of this year was becoming upset at no action and requested a refund. Macaraeg gave lots of excuses and said it was a matter of waiting for the Home Office to reply.

A letter of refusal by the Home Office Borders Agency (UKBA) shows the date of the actual?application, which is months after the victim in this case was told it had been sent off. It also shows that the refusal was in resepect of the Home Office fees, although the victim had clearly paid in advance. The much needed Certificate of Sponsorship (COS) or the lack of it is the key to the problem.?

More telling is the address the UKBA used to return the victim's papers. It is in fact to Macaraeg's home address in Earls Court. All the victims who have been in contact so far appear to show that the applications were made showing the business address in Harley Street as their home address which is clearly deception.

This was?a ruse by Macaraeg to pretend that the applications had been made by the victims themselves, rather than Macaraeg. This was obviously as she realized that if the application was by her rather than the victims, her non-registration as a visa agent would be exposed.

As is our normal practice, we have obscured details of the victim; in this case we have also obscured the home address of Macaraeg, although we are making these papers available for inspection by the authorities.

Macaraeg signs papers as though she is a dentist, using the title "Dr". In one letter she also rubber stamps it using the dental surgery stamp and details, presumably to give it more weight.

When confronted,?Reyes Macaraeg?made excuses to the victim in this case, then issued a check for some of the money which bounced.

When confronted again, she made further excuses, one being that she was going to Nottingham and would deposit the money in the victim's account. Not believing her, the victim, with a relative, went to Harley Street and eventually got some cash.

As can be seen by handwriiten computations by Macaraeg, she charges for a solicitor. This is in spite of no lawyer being instructed or dealing with this case. Macaraeg provided no proper receipts for legal fees.

What incensed the victim in this case even more was that Gladys Canal, Reyes Macaraeg's partner in the visa scam, informed the victim that the police would take no action against them for fraud.

The victim in this case has ignored Canal's advice and has reported the matter to the police.

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Bouncing checks is a pastime of?Reyes Macaraeg







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pinoy2pinoy said...

@Balitang Pinoy...THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! sa lahat ng studyanteng nabiktima huwag na kayong matakot na lumantad kasi di kayo matutulungan kung patuloy kayong magtatago. Sa lahat ng na expired na yung visa may chance pa kayo kaya communicate lang sa or email them .Now, Ressie and Glady's you will suffer of what you have done.Nagmakaawa kami sayo ng maraming beses at pinagbigyan ng maraming beses pero patuloy niyo pa din kaming niloko.Kaya sorry ka na lang!

Posted 16 August 2011 09:48 | Reply to this comment

confused8600 said...

Pwde po bang mghingi ng email sa editor kc biktima dn ako. Supportahan natin to. Salamat po

Posted 19 August 2011 07:32 | Reply to this comment

pinoy2pinoy said...

@confused8600...imail mo to report to them about your complaint and they will get in touch with you.Sige at sana mabigyan tayo ng katarungan.

Posted 19 August 2011 08:13 | Reply to this comment

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