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6 September 2010


Screenshot of ABS-CBN's Balitang Europe program which has covered the Caring Careers/Andrew Battman scandal (a clip is below & link to original story)?

Andrew Battman's activities at Caring Careers Training and his associated companies have been given a further airing as ABS-CBN's "Balitang Europe" program showed both in Europe on the TFC channel and in the Philippines.

As first exposed in Balita Pinoy, Battman's treatment of students and staff has aroused widespread condemnation.

Reporter Rose Eclarinal for ABS-CBN interviewed several of the students affected, an agent of Battman's in Davao and Ms Tess Dizon de Vega, the Philippine Embassy's Consul General in London for the program.

The piece is reproduced below taken from a YouTube clip. Apologies about the quality, we will replace it as soon as a better on becomes available.

Original Story On The Caring Careers Training Scandal

Any one affected by this scandal is invited both to make comments below, and to contact us at Balita Pinoy - email




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