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15 September 2010

BBC Radio 4's consumer affairs program "You & Yours" is running a feature on the latest news of Caring Careers Training of Oxfordshire, along with its owner, Andrew Battman, who have effectively closed down leaving many students in trouble after taking their money.

It is to be aired Thursday Sept 16th at 12 noon London time, 7 pm in the Philippines. Obviously those in the Philipines will not be able to hear it on radio, but it is available online, both live, and by BBC's IPlayer feature. People in the Philippines can listen to the program online, this is confirmed it works.

Details are given below.

It starts 12 noon UK time. 7pm Philippine time

The ways of listening are thus:

Radio - 92?95 MHz FM in England (check BBC's website for specific frequencies in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland


92?95 MHz FM - click on the button for Radio 4 see the "On Now" sign and it will tell you the program on at the time with another little Listen Live button

  1. You and YoursAvailable on BBC iPlayer

    News and discussion of consumer affairs

Wehave been told that there should be no problem to listening in RP as it is a BBC program and there is no outside copyright, it is supposed to be the first or second piece on the program. UPDATE - it is confirmed from RP that the Radio 4 link works and can be listened to online outside the UK

Besides the piece on CCT and the Battman connection, there is yet another interview with the head of OFQUAL Isabel Nesbit (whoregulate qualification providers like Edexcel and City & Guilds) about what progress has been made in getting students better protected - she promised this last year in an interview about Precision Training on the same program

(This is the running order as stated on Wednesday evening, however there is always the possibility that some larger financial disaster may occur which would mean the program being moved to a later date)

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sarah smith said...

as far as I am concerned all of you seem to bring it on yourselves. I warned all our girls on placements with this company and all they did was sit passively even though they had not had any tution for a year.Everyone in that company were in on the act it seems and all the filipinios were here to work and not to study. All this crying without stereotyping it seems that the filipion community is easily expoilted and not willing to confront any situation. One girl even asked Andrew if he was a conman! This will definetley happen again and its all the students fault. Learn how to fight and do what is right and learn INTEGRITY stop working 90 hrs a week and realise that you have to be self determined and abide in the law of the land. This is the U.K stop being passive.

Posted 21 September 2010 12:09 | Reply to this comment

Nadia Salim replied to sarah smith...

At LAST someone who is speaking sense. This company fufiled its part of the bargain to bring you to the UK and all of you were quite content not to have any tuition!!!! It was just a conspiracy of silence now visas are running out every one is panicking. Its time to come clean. How can any one pay thousands without something to SHOW for it?? It just does not make sense.I know some students who use these colleges to get into the country to work and then cry when they get caught. Please realise that this company knew that you were not interested in studying. UKBA please take note. Where I work students were told to report the company and write letters to ask about where the assessors were. ALL THE STUDENTS WITHOUT EXCEPTION did NOTHING. THAT WAS OVER 18 MTHS AGO!!The evidence speaks for itself.

Posted 21 September 2010 12:22 | Reply to this comment

Adelaida Bulaon said...

For Sarah Smith & Nadia Salim, if you wish to contact us at Balita Pinoy, we will be quite happy to listen to your story. You can contact us on 07864 114486 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting��������������07864 114486������end_of_the_skype_highlighting or 020 3441 2238 or by email: You can use the same computer to email us as you used for posting the comments

Posted 23 September 2010 13:27 | Reply to this comment

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