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Armed Guards Now Standard For Ships Off Somalia

As the sun beat down on the deck, the four ex-SAS marine-security guards nervously scanned the Gulf of Aden. The rusty grain carrier they were protecting had almost completed its perilous short hop from Oman to Djibouti. And yet they?d just become more agitated.

Minutes earlier, the Djibouti police had boarded the ship to take charge of their AK-47s, because they were in Djibouti waters without the correct permits. The guns would be taken to the port armoury to be locked in packing cases stamped with the security firm?s logo. That meant the British team were now guarding, unarmed, a multimillion-dollar target, in the most dangerous seas in the world, the Somali-pirate-infested waters around the Horn of Africa. Just then the dots in the distance turned into the sight they?d been dreading.

For both the guards and the pirates, the stakes were desperately high.

They once served in Iraq and Afghanistan, but now former British soldiers are facing another deadly battle ? trying to stop the terrifying surge in hijackings off the east coast of Africa

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Major Row Develops Between Faroe Islands & Maritime Union

A union which represents more people than the population of the country they are attacking has sparked a major debate over flags of convenience. T?rshavn, capital of the Faroe Islands, finds itself at the center of a dispute after Nordic shipowners transfer the vessels to the islands register?

30 November 2011

A major row has broken out between one of the world's smallest maritime nations and the International Transport Workers Federation (ITF) who are a major maritime trade union.

The row has developed over the ITF's declaration last week of the Faroes' Maritime Register as a Flag of Convenience (FOC).


MV Philipp: Witnesses Confirm Manila Manning Agent Vega Arranged Airport Incident


A German ship, a musical, a spaghetti western and a Filipino crew - what is the connection?

3 November 2011

Crew Hijack At Manila Airport Took Place Say Witnesses

The toing and froing of the?money saga surrounding the International Transport Workers Federation (ITF) and the German-owned shipping line?Vega-Reederei GmbH & Co. KG?has now taken a new twist. The ITF alleged in a press release (reproduced in full) that the all-Filipino?crew of the Gibraltar-flagged container vessel MV Philipp had been cheated out of the outstanding wages paid to them (twice) by Vega following representations by the ITF and the Gibraltar flag authority.

Two witnesses employed by Vega have now come forward to confirm the ITF's allegations that crew members who arrived back in PHL had their money taken from them by staffers in Vega's Manila office. They were effectively hijacked and put into vans at NAIA's arrival terminal.


Pinoy Crew Of the "Philipp" Finally Get Their Wages Repaid

20 October 2011

Docked at Liverpool, the Philipp saw a fiasco of unpaid?wages paid out, snatched back and then finally paid to the crew under the protective eyes of coastguard &?police??

The Filipino crew of the Gibraltar registered container vessel PHILIPP were finally paid their owed wages?Tuesday following the intervention of the International Transport Federation (ITF)?and the Gibraltar Maritime Administration.?

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Filipino Crew Cheated Of A Quarter Of A Million Dollars By German Ship

Now you see it, now you don't - a quarter of million dollars being paid to the Pinoy crew of a German ship the Philipp - gone in an instant when a union inspector and Liverpool port police left the vessel and it was snatched back

7 October 2011

ITF alleges cheating of crew wages for ship docked at Liverpool, Union?gets wages repaid?to crew in cash which is then snatched back by owner and crewing agent

The International Transport Federation (ITF) is alleging that the German operator of the 8,971GT Gibraltar-flagged container vessel Philipp (previously known as the Beluga Meditation) has been caught operating a double book-keeping system on the vessel in order to cheat the all-Filipino crew of their rightful wages.

The alleged scam was discovered by ITF/Nautilus union inspector Tommy Molloy during a routine inspection of the vessel in Liverpool.


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