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Benefits of online advertising

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The benefits of advertising online with Balita Pinoy are simple and straightforward

Your message goes to the desired target audience, is cost effective and viewable 24 hours a day, seven days a week?



If your target audience is Filipinos, and especially OFW's, you are at the right place

If instead your target audience is that of Hell's Angels living in North Korea, you are in the wrong place and should sign out

If you want to advertize to Filipinos, OFW's and foreign expats in the Philippines, Balita Pinoy can have your promotion up and ready very fast; in some cases within hours.

Balita Pinoy has built up a popularity with OFW's

Balita Pinoy's main readership is that of OFW's, mainly UK, Ireland, USA, Canada and Middle East based - this makes up about 60%; another 25% is from within the Philippines itself, presumably of potential OFW's

That gives two initial main target audiences, with a smaller, but no less important one to aim for

OFW's in Europe, North America and the Middle East have a distinct financial advantage to that of the majority of the working population still in RP, disposable cash and with a multiple of between 8 and 30 times over and above RP

So the OFW's will require services in their resident countries tailored to their specific needs, and more importantly, they will be hungry for investing money in property, as they can easily afford RP real estate prices

The third target audience is that of Filipinos looking for work overseas

The fourth and no less important audience is that of foreigners interested in the Philippines, either as tourists, potential investors or expats

Getting?your services noticed

If you want your services noticed advertising in?Balita Pinoy is the cost effective method

With the main audience being OFW's and foreigners interested in the Philippines, they are the ones with high disposable income

Balita Pinoy's Free Advertising Benefits All?

In addition to the latest updated news headlines from the Philippines, coupled with the very popular section on foreclosed properties, Balita Pinoy has a host of free advertising which encourages reader return

Free classifieds, free property sections as well as free event promotions are all designed to enhance readership?

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