UK Immigration News & Matters 1 March 2012

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UK Immigration News & Matters

1 March 2012


LONDON SCENES - The Albert Bridge at night Photo credit:?yvescosentino?

UK?s Tier 2 immigration rules could see European chefs cooking your Asian food

Your Indian curry, or for that matter any other ethnic dish, in Britain may not taste the same anymore. And the blame for this lies squarely with the United Kingdom's new Tier 1 and Tier 2 immigration policy, according to an influential MP, who claims the new rules make it impossible for specialised chefs from India to move to Britain. Full story...

-->Yellow or Blue Card Refused - Appeal or Reapply? -->

You have just received the dreaded Refusal Notice from the UK Border Agency Bulgarian and Romanian case working team. Your dreams have been shattered and you can barely read the words through the welling tears in your eyes...

Your mind is spinning and the legal words and jargon in the Reasons for Refusal make no sense to you: EEA Regulations 2006, Nationality, Immigration and Asylum Act 2002, Right to Appeal, European Convention on Human Rights and so on.?

Once you have read the letter a few times and the content starts to sink in, you realise that other than giving up and jumping on the next budget flight home, you are basically faced with two choices:?

  1. Appeal against the decision
  2. Make a new application for yellow card or blue card

So what is the best thing to do - appeal or reapply?...Full story

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Overseas students and workers can qualify for a tax refund

You could qualify for a Tax refund if you are an overseas student, work permit holder, Tier 1, Yellow or Blue Card - in fact any visa type - even if you are no longer legal!

Click here to find out if you qualify for a tax refund.

UK Border Agency to be broken up, says Home Secretary

The UK Border Agency will be split in two, Home Secretary Theresa May has said following an admission that thousands of people were let into the country without appropriate checks.

Bogus immigration adviser jailed for 7 years for defrauding the Home Office

A bogus immigration advisor, who masterminded a large-scale plot to dupe the Home Office into doling out residency permits to a string of unqualified applicants, has been jailed for seven years.

British business confidence ?growing'

The number of UK businesses planning to increase their spending on marketing has risen sharply from last year, a survey suggests.

Immigrants should learn English and join ?common' UK culture

Immigrants coming to the UK will be expected to learn English and understand the British way of life, the government is expected to announce as part of its new strategy on integration.

McDonald's reopens after UK Border Agency raid

McDonald's fast food restaurant has now reopened for business following a raid by the UK Border Agency which forced it to close this morning.

If you need any immigration advice?or help with Sponsorship or Work Permits, Visa, ILR/Settlement, Citizenship, dependant visa?or an appeal against a refusal please email:?

?or visit

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